The biggest man in the world has just married! Look at the picture! How can a person gain so much fat! I cannot imagine this! The man’s weight is about 683,5 lb! It is awful! He cannot walk so he had to rent a truck to get the ceremony. Hope, he will be happy with his wife and will manage to lose weight. Otherwise, I sorry for the woman who is in love with him…

Happy Thanksgiving Day

I will hardly have an opportunity to visit my parents in November  (have too much work), so I decided to visit them this weekend. Thanksgiving is a great holiday. Our family always celebrates this holiday. We are used to gather together at my parents’ place and make a dinner. Unfortunately, I have to miss this Thanksgiving dinner. It really makes me sick…

Creddit Card Finder

My friend is looking for a credit card. Jane wants to get a low APR credit card. So, we browsed the Internet and found a website that helps people to find a credit they really need.

This website is Here you can find low APR cards for purchases and balance transfer, business cards, and student credit deals, cash back offers, and even charity rewards cards.

Also, provides articles on credit market and a special service Credit Finder. Credit Finder helps customers find a credit card that will suit their needs and requirements in three easy steps. Check the website!

Smile to People

Rude people. Why they behave like that? Why they treat people around as if we are small silly people who are worth nothing? Do not they realize that being rude with people around they will achieve nothing but contempt.

There is a proverb: The world is like a mirror. When you smile the world, it smiles you in return. I believe it is true. When you are polite and kind to people, they are sure to “smile” you in return.

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I've come across this picture yesterday.  Naughty kids pushing one another into the river. This thing is from Asia. Funny, uh?

Autumn Is Beautiful Time

Do you love autumn? When I was a little girl, I always thought that autumn is desperate time. I was sure that autumn is full of sorrow and sadness. Years have come past. Now I see that autumn is beautiful. It is full of romantic.

Fell Ill Badly

Flue… Awful thing! Last week I fell ill with flue. It was really unpleasant: you ache all over, you feel miserably and weak and can do nothing but lie in the bed and do your best to fall asleep. I always feel miserably when I feel ill. I want to see nobody those days, but at the same time I want somebody to care about me. I know, I become unbearable when I fall ill, but I can do nothing with myself. Everything seems bad when you get flue.

Credit Card Problems

Credit cards: just think how many problems they cause! Why cannot we live without plastics?! Of course, they let us buy lots of things we want and pay the purchases later, but it’s a trap. Credit is a rat race! Just think, you spend years to establish good credit. You do your best to become eligible for a rewards plastic. And then one day you realize that in the pursuit of rewards, you have made overdraft that is going to affect your credit. All you can do is to take a chance to pay the debt and apply for a balance transfer card. But it turns out that  balance transfer cards are not so easy to obtain, they also demand high credit rating.  And what shall you do? How to get out of debt?

Money Matters?

I met my friend yesterday. She asked me for a piece of advice. It was a hard question. What to choose: money or a dream?

Megan has been working as a PR manager for two years. She says, she likes her job but it is not what she is dreaming about. Megan believes, she is not good in PR management. So, she is looking for something new. She is fond of communicating with people and she adores cosmetology. The girl wants to try herself in it. The thing is, she makes good money in her PR agency, but she will hardly make that money if she works as a cosmetologist (at least at the beginning). That’s why she is afraid to quit her current job.

Yesterday, I had nothing to say but advise her wait a little and do not quit her job at the moment. I think, changes are always good. But what concerns money, everything should be well measured. It is quite a different thing to be an amateur and a specialist in something. You may adore cosmetology and make-up, but it does not mean you will be a good cosmetologist and will make good money. Money matters. That’s my point of view.


It is hard to be good friends. Just think, how many friends did you have when you was a child? And what about now? I’m sure, most grownup people have less friends than they did in their childhood. Why does it happen? Why we lose our childhood friends?

I have a friend when I was 8. We were best friends, at least we thought that. Then, my family moved to another part of the city. We met each other from time to time: first, we spend a lot of time together on weekends, then we met once a month, several times a year… Fifteen years came and I can say I haven’t seen my “best” friend for years. I’ve heard she married and quit study in the university, but I do not remember when I see her for the last time.

Well, it is sad that we are not friends anymore, but I cannot say I miss that girl much. Today I have other friends who are much closer and more important for me than she was. And I’m sure that even if my current best friend move to another city or country, she still will be my best friend. But why we leave our childhood friends so easily?