Life in Balance and Credit (jessicaper) wrote,
Life in Balance and Credit

Money Matters?

I met my friend yesterday. She asked me for a piece of advice. It was a hard question. What to choose: money or a dream?

Megan has been working as a PR manager for two years. She says, she likes her job but it is not what she is dreaming about. Megan believes, she is not good in PR management. So, she is looking for something new. She is fond of communicating with people and she adores cosmetology. The girl wants to try herself in it. The thing is, she makes good money in her PR agency, but she will hardly make that money if she works as a cosmetologist (at least at the beginning). That’s why she is afraid to quit her current job.

Yesterday, I had nothing to say but advise her wait a little and do not quit her job at the moment. I think, changes are always good. But what concerns money, everything should be well measured. It is quite a different thing to be an amateur and a specialist in something. You may adore cosmetology and make-up, but it does not mean you will be a good cosmetologist and will make good money. Money matters. That’s my point of view.

Tags: dream, money

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