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It is hard to be good friends. Just think, how many friends did you have when you was a child? And what about now? I’m sure, most grownup people have less friends than they did in their childhood. Why does it happen? Why we lose our childhood friends?

I have a friend when I was 8. We were best friends, at least we thought that. Then, my family moved to another part of the city. We met each other from time to time: first, we spend a lot of time together on weekends, then we met once a month, several times a year… Fifteen years came and I can say I haven’t seen my “best” friend for years. I’ve heard she married and quit study in the university, but I do not remember when I see her for the last time.

Well, it is sad that we are not friends anymore, but I cannot say I miss that girl much. Today I have other friends who are much closer and more important for me than she was. And I’m sure that even if my current best friend move to another city or country, she still will be my best friend. But why we leave our childhood friends so easily?

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